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Do you need help with enabling remote working in your business? Halcyon can help. We understand the challenges being faced within businesses at the moment, due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Many businesses are choosing to shut down their offices and asking staff to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus. Halcyon can help enable remote working for all your staff and provide your workers access to their work systems at home to ensure business continuity, collaboration and high levels of productivity.

What we offer

Our remote working setup services are competitively priced and bespoke to every client. Our services include:

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Secure working from anywhere

Halcyon can install software on devices being used at home such as laptops, which will provide your employees with secure access to your servers from anywhere, allowing them to remote work from home. We can also install anti-virus software and encrypt devices to ensure that any important files or data are kept safe. Halcyon can also provide data protection assistance so that any personal or customer data is kept secure and GDPR compliant, even if staff have to remote work.

Remain in contact whilst working from home

Stay connected no matter where you are working. Halcyon can install recommended conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, which allow employees to keep in contact throughout the day when working in different locations. We can also implement fully compliant phone systems such as VoIP, which work exactly as they do in the office on home phones or mobiles, allowing you to continue your work communications with customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

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Remote Working Benefits

Halcyon provides bespoke network design and installation for your business. We look at your systems and discuss with you your wants and needs to ensure we provide you with everything you need to get your IT infrastructure running efficiently and effectively. 

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Business Continuity
Remote working is a great strategy to maintain business continuity in times of crisis, like the outbreak of COVID-19. By implementing remote working systems, your staff will be able to work from home in the case of emergency allowing your business to continue to operate even when your employees aren’t present in the office.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Increased Productivity
Remote working gives your staff the ability to work from wherever, whenever. This means employees can continue to work even when they can’t make it to work if they are sick, self-isolating, have to look after children at home, or if they can’t make it due to transport issues, ensuring productivity levels remain high.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Keep employees happy and healthy
Employees are your main business asset, so protecting their health and wellbeing is a huge priority. Reduce the risk of your employees catching the COVID-19 coronavirus, or any other illnesses, by allowing them to work from home, reducing the chances that they will come into contact with someone who can spread the virus on to them. Employees that are healthy and happy, are more productive and work harder.
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Reduce costs

A remote working policy can reduce business overheads, year-round. Fewer people in the workplace means less office space, which can cut costs on leases, electricity, office equipment, and other expenditures. Implementing remote working practices can also reduce business losses in the case of emergency when employees can’t make it to work, such as a virus outbreak, if anything happens to your office space, or extreme weather conditions, as the work can still get done from home.

Flexible working

Remote working allows your employees to maintain flexible working hours, to suit their lives. Cut out the stress and expense of the daily commute, help employees to maintain a better work/life balance, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity with Halcyon effective remote working solutions.

Work Remotely

No fuss, no commitment and fully secure!

Use as little or as often as you need for just £55 pcm

These are uncertain times and we understand the challenges businesses are being faced with, so if any of your staff are required to work from home let us know and within 2 hours, we will provide them with everything they need to continue working effectively!

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