Leased Lines

The internet is critical to businesses nowadays, as many use it to conduct their business, connect with suppliers, customers and other staff members, and run applications. Fast and reliable internet speeds are a necessity for many businesses, both small and large, as the better and faster the internet works the more productive staff can be. Halcyon can provide the best possible connectivity options for your business, at the most cost-effective prices.

What’s Included

Leased line is a dedicated data connection which has its own private bandwidth which is solely reserved for your business. This means you get  incredibly fast upload and download speeds at all times. If your business is growing or has grown significantly and you’re still on the same bandwidth you were when you started, you are probably ready for an upgrade.

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Competitively priced

Halcyon can provide leased line to businesses at competitive prices. We can provide you with the best connection options a business needs to prosper and succeed in this data and bandwidth hungry marketplace.

Improve productivity

Slow connection speeds can reduce your staff’s productivity. If the internet is slow and it takes a while for them to access, upload or download information they need, then productivity levels drop. By upgrading to leased line your staff can work much more efficiently.

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Leased Line

If your connection is holding you back and slow internet speeds are preventing your staff from being as productive as they can be, a leased line is the upgrade you need. The perfect solution for a fast-growing business who needs a large bandwidth and fast, reliable connections.

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Most reliable internet connection available
Dedicated leased lines are the most reliable internet connection available. If your business relies on the internet and you need to minimise internet downtime as much as possible, leased line is the best solution for you. They cannot be interrupted by electrical signals and come with 24/7 monitoring and super-fast fix times in the unlikely event that any problems do occur.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Impressive bandwidth
With an impressive bandwidth of up to 100mb it also allows you to have multiple users at one time with no impact to performance. People could be video calling, sharing large files, uploading data and running numerous applications all whilst it downloads the backup without any effect on its speed or performance.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Symmetrical upload and download speeds
Leased line is a dedicated data connection which has its own private bandwidth which is solely reserved for your business. This means that you can get symmetrical upload and download speeds, even in city centres at peak times. The speed you pay for is the speed you get at all times, with no slow-downs at peak times.
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Keep up with the latest market trends

Leased line is a relatively new technology that is helping to improve many businesses productivity. Ensure you keep up with the latest market trends to provide your customers with the best possible service with leased line internet.

24/7 Monitoring and support

Halcyon provide 24/7 monitoring of your leased line and incredibly fast fix times if any problems do ever occur, to ensure that your internet is always up and running at its optimum performance.

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To find out more information and pricing for leased lines get in touch with one of our friendly experts today and discuss the best communication and connectivity options for your business.

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