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Halcyon can provide key hardware for our customers. We can offer PC’s, laptops, networks, servers, communication equipment and so much more at cost-effective and highly competitive prices. Whatever your needs we have the products for you. Halcyon only offer the best quality hardware that is proven to work effectively that will meet your business needs, at the lowest possible prices. We can provide everything you need to get your business infrastructure up and running, quickly and effectively.

What’s Included

Our dedicated team of experts can recommend the best options for you based on your business or organisations needs and wants.

Halcyon Hardware Sales

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Full hardware infrastructure

No matter what you need to set up or upgrade your business, Halcyon have the hardware for you. Our sales team ensure you have the right tools and technology to keep your business and its workforce forging ahead of the game.

For businesses of any size

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There are a number of benefits to purchasing your own hardware equipment. Halcyon can provide a wide variety of top-quality hardware at the best possible prices.

Halcyon Setup
Save money in the long run
If you have the money to purchase your hardware outright, this can be the best option for you. It saves you having to budget in monthly bills and in the long run you end up paying less for the equipment than you would with leasing options.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Full ownership of all your hardware
Once purchased you’ll have full ownership of all the hardware which you can add to your balance sheet. This also means that they cannot be taken off you if you miss a payment like with leasing and therefore you will always have the equipment you need to run your business effectively.
Halcyon Setup
Halcyon Setup
Alter equipment as you wish
You can use or alter your equipment as you wish, move it around or add and install extras onto it as you aren’t tied into a leasing contract which can limit these options.
Halcyon Setup

Quality branded equipment

Halcyon source quality, branded hardware equipment. If you want to purchase new hardware for your business Halcyon can source the best equipment for your specific needs. If you want to save money in the long run and cut out repeated monthly payments, buying your hardware could be the best option for you.

Installation service

Once purchased Halcyon even help with the installation and set up of your new hardware, ensuring it’s working properly and you have all the information you need to use it to its optimal performance.


There are a number of benefits to purchasing your own hardware equipment. Halcyon can provide a wide variety of top-quality hardware at the best possible prices.

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